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The IPGZ (Image Processing GlotZilla?) package is a C++ library of functions for processing images and voxel data in both 2D and 3D. The library provides routines to filter data as well as routines to identify the centers of mass of spherical objects.

The methodology of this code is based on the algorithm for 2D image tracking developed by Crocker and Grier (Methods of digital video microscopy for colloidal studies, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 179, 1996) and subsequent 3D particle visualization methodology developed by Varadan and Solomon (Direct Visualization of Long-Range Heterogeneous Structure in Dense Colloidal Gels, Langmuir, 19 (3) 2003).

This code is well suited to identify positions of spherical particles from microscopy data, centers of mass of spherical aggregates/micelles, high density regions of aggregates or time sequences, smoothing of data for use in isosurface calculations, etc. (see the tutorials for these and other uses).

This specific implementation of particle identification has been successfully utilized in the follow publications:


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