Texture subroutines


Subroutines in C++ for computations involving crystallographic texture. Included are classes and functions for operations with quaternions, rotation matrices, Euler angles, and conversions between each; proper symmetry operators for all crystal classes in quaterion form; functions for calculating disorientation angles and random disorientation angle distributions.


Browse the code online here.


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Contact us

The administrator for the texture subroutines source code is Jason Gruber. Please do not hesitate to send questions or comments.

Terms of use

Texture subroutines are freely available for anyone performing non-profit scientific research; those interested in using the code for other purposes should contact us first. We give no guarantees whatsoever about the capabilities of the code. Use of this code implies your agreement to these terms. If you use this code in your research, please tell others about it, send us any new code you'd like to see incorporated into the package, and above all, give us feedback!

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