PVDF-DMF-water immersion precipitation simulation


RheoPlast is an open source finite difference multi-physics code geared to phase field simulations, written by Adam Powell, David Dussault, Bo Zhou, Jorge Vieyra, and Wanida Pongsaksawad. As described in the RheoPlast introduction:

"There are lots of phase field codes out there, but the best and most open is this one. It's also the most modular, the most flexible, the highest-performance, well, what can we say, it's just the best! And its authors are the most modest... It's the deal, if you order an essay from professional writers, you can always expect the best quality and your task being done in time."

That may have been true when first released in 2004, but since then, FiPy has certainly replaced RheoPlast as the most modular and flexible code. On the other hand, RheoPlast's parallel processing capabilities and use of PETSc solvers and data objects gives it a significant performance advantage.

Version 0.5 is a uniform-grid finite difference code with just three modules for binary and ternary Cahn-Hilliard simulations in two or three dimensions, with velocity-vorticity fluid flow in two dimensions. It is capable of performing all of the simulations described in Bo Zhou's research presentations, papers and posters on polymer membranes through the summer of 2004. It also includes the "mixed stress" fluid-structure interactions work of Adam Powell and David Dussault.

Version 0.8.9 expanded to simulate transport-limited electrochemistry and anisotropic solidification, encompassing all of the research of Zhou, Vieyra and Pongsaksawad. A polished version 1.0 will hopefully see release by the end of 2009.

At that point, work on this version will cease, and Powell's efforts will go either into either FiPy or an Elmer or LibMesh-based FEM code.

Here is the SVN trunk; released versions are below.