Powell Group Software

This repository contains software which originated in the former research group of Adam C. Powell, IV at the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Powell is the founder and Principal of Opennovation, an engineering consulting firm which uses and develops open source tools, such as those on this site, to deliver better value at less cost to clients.

  • Julian: the famous boundary element software which I started and Yi-Cheung Albert Lok expanded considerably. I need to put a couple of hours into polishing it for its 1.0 release.
  • RheoPlast: a parallel, modular, finite difference multi-physics Phase Field code. It is similar to FiPy in some of its capabilities, but parallel, a lot faster for structured mesh simulations, unable to use unstructured meshes, and has far fewer examples and general capabilities.
  • Illuminator: a parallel visualization and storage library. This library facilitates taking data computed in parallel across a cluster, and storing the data in parallel across the cluster hard drives, then loading and rendering it in parallel.
  • EBaporate: calculates single-component and multi-component evaporation kinetics for a surface periodically heated, e.g. by an electron beam.

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Also available:

  • Ternary: free energy function visualization tool, by Adam Powell