• Computational MatSE at UIUC

    Computational Materials Science and Engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • TheraPy

    TheraPy is a collection of Python scripts developed to model the evolution of chemical and physical inhomogeneities, i.e. microstructure, in drug-polymer composites used as controlled drug release coatings. The scripts are designed to work with FiPy, an object oriented, partial differential equation (PDE) solver....

  • MMSP

    Mesoscale Microstructure Simulation Project

    The goal of the Mesoscale Microstructure Simulation Project (MMSP) is to provide a simple, consistent, and extensible programming interface for all grid and mesh based microstructure evolution methods. Simple means that the package has a very small learning curve, and for most routine simulations, only a minimal amount of code must be written. By consistent we mean, for example, that code for two-dimensional simulations is nearly identical to that for three-dimensional simulations, single processor programs are easily parallelized, and fundamentally different methods like Monte Carlo or phase field have the same look and feel. Finally, extensible means that it's straightforward to add new grid types or physical behaviors to the package. Other considerations include efficiency and portability (MMSP is written entirely in ISO compliant c++). For more details, see the documentation....

  • Real-Space Ferroelectric Model

    A Parallelized, Real-Space, Phase-Field Modeling Code for Ferroelectrics that Allows Complex Electromechanical Boundary Conditions. Uses Boundary Elements and Dirichlet-to-Neumann map to enable accurate and efficient calculation of stray electric fields outside the specimen....

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